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Sun Moon Lake, or “Zintun” in the Shao language is  located in the center of Taiwan in Nantou county.  It is Taiwan's second largest lake after Tseng Wen Reservoir. The lake lies on an elevation of 748 meters and is 7.93 square kilometers large. The area around the lake is rich in natural ecosystems, but it is also one of the freshwater lakes of alien species.

Sun Moon Lake is the residence of the aboriginal tribe Ita Shao (邵族, sometimes also referred to as Ita Thao). In the past, the indigenous Pingpu people were living in a mountain village called Shalian (沙連). So in former times, Sun Moon Lake was also known as Shueishalian (水沙連).

In January 2000, the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area was established to preserve the nature around Sunmoonlake.